Discount offer from Victoria Richards

One of my favourite tie designers is offering a discount for Fathers’ Day presents – although I doubt that she’ll come round and check that you’re actually buying for your dad and not for yourself. For a fortnight from today you can go to and on checking out, enter the code DAD20 and you get – wait for it – a 20% discount.

There are a lot of dull ties on the market as well as dull socks, and Victoria’s designs are a statement Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.11.43against these. She has a range of hand painted ties as well as woven ones which are more mass-produced. Choose carefully; I’m a little old and the wrong shape to get away with slim ties (which will make the average 50-year-old look plain fat), but my Exe-Wave tie often picks up compliments as do several others I have, none of which are available any longer. Here’s a pic of one of my favourites, you’d have to search around for one of these as she discontinues them after a while.

Jon Snow often wears Victoria’s work on television. They’re well worth a look if you’re after something a little distinctive but tasteful. And as you’ll gather from the rest of her site, you can continue the theme through bow ties and scarves for both men and women (my wife was so pleased with her scarf that we bought one for both of our mothers and they were equally happy).

Well worth a look.


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