Goodwin Smith, shoes

New brown shoe

Goodwin Smith, shoes
Newchurch Brown shoe

It’s often said that when men fall down in the way they dress it’s often because of their footwear. We spend money on decent suits, or a pair of casual trousers and a good polo shirt…and wear some unpolished, ancient and cheap brogues, or some appalling trainers if we’re going casual (by “appalling” I mean “the same ones you use for exercise which are as grubby as you’d expect as a consequence”). This actually gets worse as you get older for some reason – as we get greyer, we need to try a little harder with the rest.

So it’s a pleasure to introduce a new manufacturer to the market, which appears to have taken the casual as well as the formal requirement into account. Goodwin Smith hasn’t been around long but looks set to be making a bit of a splash with some high quality but not overly pricy shoes. The picture above is of the Newchurch Brown Brogue; I have a pair of the Baldwin Brown Chelsea Boots and they look good with both a blue suit and also with jeans, dressed up or down according to preference. The website suggests to me that they’re aiming for a slightly younger demographic; tough, I’m happy with the boots.

Where they scored particularly well was in customer service. I ordered the tan boots quite deliberately, paid for them and then emailed to say I’d ordered the wrong thing – could I change to dark brown, please? I had a very pleasant note back from the packing people saying they’d attended to this, and the right boots turned up within 48 hours of the incorrect order going in.

I like the boots – but I like service like that even more. It’ll be difficult to sustain those levels of attentiveness as volumes grow but at first glance this looks like a company that deserves to make it.


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