That’s handy (or other glove-related puns)

OK, I’ll ask – what did someone just do to the summer? I’d have sworn there was this Autumn thing before winter kicked in but the state of these blocks of ice – or ‘feet’ as we call them in the trade – on the end of my legs tells me otherwise.

So I’ve been looking at gloves. And I have a new favourite pair – from MacWet.

These are technically sports gloves, and I have been using them in the gym. You need to measure your hands across the knuckle – this is because they are ‘proper’ fitted gloves, suitable for people doing work with their hands rather than just commuting or something. The grip is stronger than you find on most other gloves.

I can vouch for their efficacy when you’re pushing weights up and down, certainly. Not that I’m massively active; people who follow this site will be aware I’ve been trying to lose weight, though, and part of that has involved reintroduction of exercise into my life. They work.

Mostly, though, I use them when I’m out generally. A snugger fit than most, you can use them when you’re operating a phone (mostly) or whatever else you need to do; they’re comfortable because of the case you’ll take in measuring your hand, and they look rather stylish in my view.

£27.99-£29.99 a pair depending on the length of the cuff. Not the cheapest gloves but for the right context among the most practical.


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