Just in Case

The thing about getting an iPad or other tablet – or indeed a smartphone – is that not only do they need protecting but a good percentage of the cases on the market are purely decorative – or worse, the designers think they’re decorative but anyone with functioning eyeballs is likely to have a different opinion.

This is why the black picture you can see illustrating this entry was such a blessed relief. It’s from Tech21. Look, it’s black and more chic than you can see from the picture – but it’s also reinforced and feels very solid indeed.

The same is true of the Impact Shield screen protectors the company produces – obviously they’re flexible and stick-on-able but ultimately very tough. This is achieved by putting some of the same stuff BASF and the military use to protect their equipment.

It seems to do the job which is excellent; in my view, though, the best thing about it is the simplicity and elegance. Just don’t put it down on a black surface.


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