Watches without borders

Regular readers (hi Mum) will be aware that I’m quite fond of nice watches. And by ‘nice’ I generally mean uncomplicated, a classic design, something that looks as if it tells the time rather than plays music, acts as a video phone and goodness knows what else.

(Note: I reserve the right to change my mind if Apple ever produces the long-rumoured iWatch).

If it can be sold raising money for a good cause that is of course a bonus. So the only thing holding me back from acquiring a Special Edition Tagente (pictured) from Nomos Glashütte is the absence of a spare £1350. Or £1200 for a slightly smaller model, the Special Edition Tagente 33.


As you can see they are simplicity itself, and better still they’re mechanical. I’m fond of well-engineered products and an old-fashioned wind-up watch is something I don’t actually possess, although my automatic is a good substitute.

These models are distinguished by the red ’12’ which is a way of reminding yourself that when you spent all that money £100 went to Doctors Without Borders (or if you’re an old git like me Médecins Sans Frontières). Meanwhile you’ll have a watch with galvanised white silver-plated dials, black oxidised polished hands and an a (alpha) Nomos caliber movement with manual winding, for people who know about movements.

I think they look excellent and are a discreet way of supporting an excellent cause. I may consider making a donation and telling them Nomos gave me the idea. Meanwhile if you’re in the market for a watch and can withstand the price, the two models are limited to 1000 pieces each.


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