Steptronic: comfort shoes that look good

OK, first the nasty bit – I have achieved an ingrown toenail. It’s simple enough, you cut your nail too small and it goes unpleasant.

So, all my decent work shoes – Church’s and soforth – suddenly don’t fit. It would be wrong to say that the pair of Steptronic boots I was sent were designed specifically for that, but I do find them wearable and that’s something.

This probably won’t apply to most readers (I mean, why would it?) – so let’s see what the PR blurb says about the construction and why these are comfortable:

“All Steptronic Footwear has a patented 100% flexible rubber sole, it’s made up of ridges at a particular 45 degree angle that ensures that the shoes bends with your foot at all times, and goes back to shape easily. They also have a sheepskin lining, not the furry side as your feet would be too hot, the sheepskin is within the inner of the shoe, ensuring bounce, comfort and breathability. The company boast that they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.”

They are indeed very comfortable. But, as the PR person comments, the above description will leave you expecting something hideous and grandfather-ish. Here’s a picture:

This is the Aldershot Black style. I went for the Bassett Brown boot. The leather is very soft, they look good with a blue or grey suit but also work with jeans.

Oh, and given the complexity of the construction I think £99 or so per pair is a pretty good price. Given that it’s going to be a month or so before I’m back in ordinary boots (no, the nail isn’t complicated but my diary won’t let me get it seen to before mid-May) I’ve ordered a pair of black formal boots too.

No, they’re not as formal as my usual ‘meetings’ footwear. But for the price they’re going to get me through, and quite honestly the ones I have are a pleasure to wear.


4 thoughts on “Steptronic: comfort shoes that look good

  1. Guy, c'mon, just get it done, why put up with excruciating pain, when within 30 minutes they'll have the 'bad' partof your ail out and with the nail bed killed, either by acid or heat, it should never re-occur.

    I had the right side of each big toe nail done two weeks apart, and each time I was pain free and back in workshops within 48hrs.

    Unless, of course, you're delaying just to buy new shoed?


  2. Oh absolutely and I'm booked in – but I have meetings booked before the op is going to take place (next week) and these are infinitely better than trainers in the interim. They are also going to be very comfortable afterwards.


  3. I've worn these boots for a little while now and was impressed enough to phone Steptronics and ask where they're made. Unfortunately the response disappointed me enormously. They've made in' The Far East'. The UK has the finest shoe on the Globe so why cant these boots be made here too?


  4. Thanks for this. The other disappointing thing, I find after a year, is that when the soles are wearing thin or the heels wear down they are irrepairable – that's right, take them to Timpsons and they can't help. £99 suddenly seems very expensive indeed for what you get.


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