Christmas presents 11: Other stuff

This time of year bloggers get sent a lot of stuff to look at for Christmas and I’ve tried to give an opinion on most of it. Here ‘s a glance at stuff which just hasn’t fitted into a category I’ve been covering:

* IrisNotes Executive 2: Pen plus monitor you clip to a piece of paper. Write with the pen and you don’t see it on the paper but you can upload to your PC or Mac; you can then turn this into text or just get an image if you use the iPad or iPhone app. This was sent to me and my faulty computer swallowed the installation CD otherwise I’d have covered it a lot more – it is spectacularly useful for note taking. Really, really simple to set up and use and does what it’s supposed to – the odd letter may be misread depending on your handwriting.

* Bowers and Wilkins C5 headphones: In-ear headphones which, like most in-ear models, are great for the treble and clarity but I prefer a bit more oomphy bass. I can only get the quality I want from an over-ear headset. These are good for what they are, though, with a bit of wire that holds them in place for extra comfort. Excellent for audiobooks, less so for bassy music, unusually comfortable for long sessions and they come with a carry case. The £149.95 price tag will make some people wince.

* Rohan Superfine Merino 200 Necktube: Bit of a fashion statement this one, keeps your neck warm and looks like a scarf which is a loop rather than a straight bit of material. Very warm, very comfortable and a little ‘young’ for my tastes – which no doubt means everyone will be wearing them in January or whenever the next cold snap starts. A good stocking filler at £25.

* 3M iPad screen protectors: Another stocking-filler for the iPad fan in your life. Just a self-adhesive cover for the iPad, which comes off without residue if you need it to, and protects it from scratches without diminishing its sensitivity. Recommended (or something like it) for all iPad users.

* Eneloop rechargable batteries: Or similar, of course – what, you’ve opened a load of presents and they need AA or AAA and you haven’t got any? Get charging with these, you’ll end up swearing by them and longer term they will save you money.

That really is it for this festive season – I may be back with the pick of the online sales between Christmas and the New Year. Have a great break and whatever you get or are about to give away, enjoy!


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