Christmas presents 5: The dressing gown

So I’ve been sent this dressing gown to review. I’ve never reviewed one before and it’s difficult to know what to say. Except of course that it’s a little on the small side – it comes in one size, I’m an XL and if you’re not M-L this is going to do up but, well, a quick gust of wind while you’re answering the door and there’s going to be nothing left to the postman’s imagination.

You’ll have noticed the design is slightly peculiar – metallic stripes on the top half, black circles on the lower half. This is because – wait for it – it’s based on a Dalek. Go on, you can see it now, the roundels around the base, the metal slats – no? It’s clear as day to me although my wife said if I hadn’t explained it she wouldn’t have known. Philistine. (I can also assure you it doesn’t work particularly well as an aphrodisiac but I’ll spare you any details – let’s just say shouting “Exterminate, Exterminate” before going to bed isn’t going to do much for anybody’s love life). It comes from Findmeagift, costs £49.99 and is reasonably good quality.

It’s a bit of fun and sized for the adolescent or medium-sized walking mid-life-crisis in your life. You can also get a Tardis one with a hood, one based on Tom Baker’s Doctor Who costume and another based on Matt Smith’s – oh, and there are Star Wars models, too, based on Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Darth Maul and R2D2.

So you can even collect the set if you want. Just remember that after Christmas, when the joke has still worn off, you’ll still have the dressing gown staring at you, alongside the Christmas jumpers.


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