Skyfall boosts cuttrhroat shaves

OK, I’m very excited because I’ve seen Skyfall and it’s brilliant. My faith in Connery as the best 007 is finally shaken and stirred (see what I did there?), not his fault the movies are dated after 50 years of course but there it is.

Highly recommended, and notable from the lifestyle point of view because of the (gulp) bit where one of the Bond girls – I’m not going to give away any plot points by saying who – takes his cutthroat razoe and shaves him. OK, call me old fashioned but if anyone wants to shave me, like Hadi at The Valet (incidentally I once took some stick from a correspondent for having a valet – can I repeat for the hard of thinking, it’s the name of my barber in Croydon, anyone can go there), they’d better be qualified or at least experienced. Some secret agent who’s recently shot me by accident (it’s in the opening sequence, no plot spoiler there) can, quite frankly, bugger off.

So I admire the people who’re buying cutthroats from Shaving Shack, which tells me that since the movie launched they’ve noticed a 405% increase in sales. They’re going to send me a sample(from The Bluebeards, pictured) so I can have a go. It comes with instructions of course.

I am daunted but will give it a go. And if I end up with a better shave than I get from my trusty Merkur, which cost five times as much, don’t be surprised if I end up looking a bit narked.


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