Pocket squares for charity

Here’s a nice idea. Car manufacturer Alfa Romeo (don’t look at me, can’t afford one) is issuing some pocket squares. The proceeds go to Heart Research UK.

Now, my dad died of a heart attack when he was not far from my own age (2 years in it) and that is my justification for spending £45 on three of the things. My favourite is the one designed by actor Tom Ellis – him off Miranda – and I also like the one by Peter Jones (pictured) and bought the PPQ one too because I wanted something in black and white.

The idea is that you show your support and knowledge of heart conditions by wearing one. I can’t help but feel this is a bit of a cop-out; I’d rather think about looking pretty reasonable because I’m wearing one and giving a donation as separate things.

Pocket squares are odd. When I started wearing them my wife said I was looking a little too dandified. I thought more people were wearing them than she thought, and now they’re just about everywhere. The trick is to wear them toning with rather than exactly matching your tie, otherwise they look like you’ve bought a job lot.

These Alfa Romeo editions are nicely designed, competitively priced (check Ralph Lauren or something for an equally good look and watch yourself paying double) and in a good cause. Click here to have a look at all six, find out about the designers including the aforementioned, Olympians and actual designers, and do buy one.


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