Razorpit: save yourself money

I’ve been looking at the Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener. You’d never know it was called the Razorpit, it’s in tiny writing on the box on which the main logo says “Razor Sharpener” – odd bit of branding but this isn’t a marketing blog, so whatever.

I’m actually surprised the company can call it a sharpener as such because it’s not – it’s significantly better. Sharpening would shear off bits of a blade abrasively, make it sharp again (tell me if I’m going too quickly for you here) but possibly leave jagged edges. No, this is more of a super-cleaner. Its surface, when lubricated with whichever shaving product you prefer, gets rid of the little bits and pieces of hair, skin and dust which are likely to cause shaving rash.

It also means it’s removing debris so the shave will be closer, by all means, but technically it’s not actually sharper. It’s more efficient use of your blades than before and will certainly extend their life; if you use a cartridge blade and are accustomed to paying something like £8 for a pack of blade heads you’ll find it pays for itself in a matter of months and after that you’re into savings.

The packaging boasts that it works on double sided safety razors as well. I’ve no doubt that it does – the sort I use with my beloved Merkur Futur Brushed Steel Razor (£49.99 a shot, but keep reading) – but then I get 30 replacement blades for under £12, so am I very worried about renewing rather than replacing them? On reflection I’m probably not, and it was the long term benefit of paying peanuts that appealed to me in buying it in the first place.

I’m in the minority of course, many more people use cartridge blades than the double sided safety models. If you’re among those paying over a quid a blade rather than pennies, this could be a good investment – and it looks OK in the bathroom, somewhat resembling an iPhone (and don’t think that’s a coincidence). By all means shop around; the link above will take you to Amazon where you can get one for £14.95.

All Amazon links take you to my Amazon affiliated page – if you buy I will get a small per centage. This has not biased my coverage but is mentioned in the interests of full disclosure.


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