Duchamp and T-Lab sales

Two of my favourite clothing suppliers have sales on at the moment. Let me add I have no affiliation or vested interests here – I get nothing if you buy a single tie or t-shirt, or the entire stock, it makes no difference at all to me.

First, Duchamp. A fine tie maker is how I’d describe this company; I bought a white shirt a couple of weeks ago and the arms are a bit long, serves me right for not going tailor-made (or indeed putting weight on and having a thicker neck than a man of my arms-length normally would). Everything is 50% for the moment because they’re running down their excellent summer collection, not that you need to worry about the styles going out of fashion. Think sumptuous, think thick silk ties, think patterned pocket squares. I find the trick is to pick out one piece you like. The picture of the model here is a good example. He’s younger than the people for whom I write this blog and can get away with a bit more dandifying than some of us; the tie as the sole interesting feature, or a plain tie and the pocket square, would work better than the whole ensemble in my view. I’ve gone for a couple of darker ties, a single pocket square and a couple of shirts including the aforementioned white one – and a textured white for parties.

I must remind myself sometimes that this blog is supposed to make money eventually, not cost me a fortune.

You can find what’s in the sale at their various premises – I liked the one in Westfield in Wood Lane although the shop in Regent Street left me curiously cold – it’s finished online but to get an idea of what they do and find outlets you can click here.

Meanwhile the more casual among us might remember I’ve written about T-Lab before now, good quality T-shirts, nice designs, nothing OTT but a bit more interest than plain white or a colour. They have a sale on and until 19 July you can click on their website here and get 20% off everything. My own favourite of the moment is the GBR shirt (pictured) which is sufficiently GBR-ish to make a good option for the Olympics but not so in-your-face that it’s going to date immediately. Also cheaper than officially licensed Olympic kit…

Good quality, reasonable prices, I’ve bought items from both of these myself. And I do assure you once more I get nothing for saying so.


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