New service: Man Buys Present

I’ve been looking at this new website, It seems like a good idea. You have a reason to buy a female loved one a gift – birthday, Valentine, anniversary it has a lot of categories including, reassuringly, “just because” (you do not, repeat not, need an excuse to get your partner something nice).

It’s blissfully easy to do. You enter the information – relationship to the giftee, their age, the occasion, your budget – and it comes up with some suggestions. Enter your card details and it’s all delivered nicely wrapped (this could be a problem; if it doesn’t look as though a retarded chimpanzee has attacked some expensive wrapping paper with sellotape whilst wearing boxing gloves they’ll know I didn’t wrap it myself).

So far, so faultless. There seems to be the odd glitch – I tried finding something for my daughter and on the shortlist of three presents there was a friendship bracelet, which isn’t quite dad-ish. But the other stuff was OK.

I have two minor problems with the idea, though. The first is with the concept itself. I’ve a horrible feeling it’s entirely correct to say that a lot of us blokes are hopeless at buying stuff, or we forget. But my wife and daughter aren’t stereotypes, they’re real people. I prefer to take the time to get something for them specifically rather than something to suit some random female.

Embedded in there is my other issue. Guys, I have male relatives as well. And they are difficult to buy for, BUT THEY DON’T WANT SCENTED COAT HANGERS I CAN ASSURE YOU.

Maybe this should have been called Manbuyspresentforwomen. That’s certainly its market. And it does a reasonable job, if you’re genuinely too busy or too bone idle to do it for yourself. Perhaps male presents could be a followp-up service..?


2 thoughts on “New service: Man Buys Present

  1. I agree this site is a good concept, but falls short in some areas. I was frustrated I couldn't search or make my own choice. Also, a lot of the merchandise on offer was very uninspiring, great if you want to give the usual chocolates or jewellery. Personally I like to give something a bit more original to show I have made an effort and hence gain even more brownie points! I was hoping this website was the answer, to make it look like I had made a super effort without really having to.

    Will probably return to see if there are more original products added as the site develops.


  2. Indeed, it's a start though – nice idea and actually doing something is better than not. You can sit there doing nothing for ages, convincing yourself you're polishing an idea until it's perfect. Better to go out and get some feedback from real life customers.


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