Summer scents 4: Kouros EDT Tonique

On the scent of more scents (see what I did there?), and on to Kouros Eau De Toilette Tonique. This is a summer edition of the perennial lemony Kouros and if I had one issue with it then it would be that the original ain’t broke, doesn’t need fixing. I find this often with seasonal variants; last year Armani made a summer version of Diamonds and Code as well as a Sport version of Code, and for me the originals of both remained preferable.

Kouros EDT Tonique is a bit like that. It’s certainly one of the better purpose-built summer scents and of the review samples I’ve been sent this season it’s one of those I’ve used more than a few times to try. I do like this one but I wonder, other than for financial reasons, why it needed tampering with.

The opening aroma is familiar enough – you get a lot of lemons. This is what perfumiers call ‘top notes’ – the first scent that hits you. It’s sharp, citrussy and of course this calms down eventually. This fades away to something a little more leathery; you wouldn’t want the sharp lemons all day and you don’t get them. They’re in the background and this is an overall pleasant scent to use. It lasts a while, unlike certain  other bottles I’ve tried – there are a lot out there which are perfectly OK for an hour or so and then you realise they’ve disappeared.

It’s been out almost a month according to the publicity and if I were looking to buy a new aftershave at the moment it would certainly be on my list of possibles. I just suspect I’d end up giving in and getting a bottle of ordinary Kouros if I wanted that particular niff.


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