Summer Scents 2: Boss Bottled Sport

It’s still raining so I’m writing about summer scents again – come on, it’s May, it’ll start soon. This time it’s the turn of Boss Bottled Sport as it says on the release, or Hugo Boss Sport as it says on the bottle. It’s been around for a few weeks and the press blurb is full of how the man who uses it is focused, sporting and stuff like that. You’ve got to put something in a press release I suppose. I’m a lot more interested in how it smells.

The top notes – in other words the bits that hit you first – are lemony and zesty with a touch of pink peppercorn. These fade and give way to lavender with a bit of spice, and eventually when those fade you’re left with vetyver and patchouli by the end of the day. I can confirm it’s long lasting. One or two scents I’ve tried lately are great for about an hour then they’re gone; this isn’t one of them.

It’s a bit spicy and sweet for my tastes. You know how sometimes you understand something’s well made but it’s just not for you? That’s unfortunately how I am with a lot of the Boss scents I’ve tried. They seem a little sweetened and suited to younger men than me; that said. I felt the same about the Yves St. Laurent I tried a few days ago – it could be that I’m just out of tune with what’s in demand at the moment. My wife thought this one was ‘powdery’. Nonetheless when I gave the unwanted Boss EDTs to my brother in law, also over 40, he clearly thought they were great. It was as if Christmas had arrived with reinforcements.

So this one’s well made and long lasting, just not necessarily for me. I’m still a bit bewildered that so many scents are now calling themselves “sport”.


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