A shoe-in

I had a birthday recently and some spending money so I’ve been buying shoes I didn’t particularly need but liked. In this case I went for Sienna loafers from Herring Shoes. I went for the burgundy colour (pictured).

Loafers have always been a bit of a mystery to me. They’ve always looked either too informal to wear with a suit but not quite relaxed enough to be casual. One thing that’s happened over the last few years, though, is the line between the two has been blurring and I see a lot of people wearing pretty decent looking loafers with both jeans and suits. These are going to go well with my favourite blue suit as well as the more casual outfits, although they wouldn’t be right for the rigidly formal business suit I agree.

Buying clothes through the Internet can be a risk. I have no connection with Herring Shoes and I’m not on any commission, so when I recommend the company you’ll understand it’s purely because they do a damned good service. Shoes are packed solidly in a rigid box; they arrive completely undamaged within (in my experience) a couple of days. I was delighted to find a couple of extras included in the box; a tin of the right coloured polish (had I thought of buying Burgundy polish? Had I heck…) and a decent sized cloth to cover your lap whilst applying this polish weren’t mentioned in the market but were in the box regardless.

Tip: check their sale stock. Men’s shoe fashion does change but something like a classic brogue doesn’t alter that much, so if you can pick up something like a pair of upmarket Church’s shoes for £275 rather than £350 plus – if you’re in that market – this is the place to come.


One thought on “A shoe-in

  1. After many many years of shoe buying, I am happy to say that Herring are by far the best online shoe retailer, with their house brand and Loake representing the best value, highest quality shoes on the planet. Living in Australia I simply cannot fathom how any other men's shoe retailer can compete on cost and quality.


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