The £40,000 whisky tipple

Valentine’s Day is coming so you can expect some gift-related posts between now and Tuesday – but first, here’s something I certainly couldn’t afford but would like to support. It’s an auction – you can bid online here – of a bottle of Janet Sheed Roberts’ Reserve whisky from Glenfiddich, in aid of Walking With the Wounded.

It’s a very nice whisky (click the picture for a larger view). At least I hope it is because the last bottle of this malt went for £46,850, making it the most expensive single malt in the world up to and including the present day. It’s 55 years old, comes in its presentation case as you’ll see, and is very much the sort of thing rich people buy because they can rather than because they intend to drink it (even in tiny measures that price wold tot up to around a thousand quid a tot). Janet Sheed Roberts is descended from the founder of Glenfiddich and at 110 is Scotland’s oldest living person.

Londoners can go to the auction itself on Friday from 6.30-8.00pm, Armoury House at the Honourable Artillery Company, EC1Y 2BQ. Apply for an invitation by emailing this link – it’s nothing to do with me so no use chasing this blog for further info.

The whisky itself is pale and light, with oaky notes, says the release. That’s unlikely to matter much as the buyer isn’t going to be prone to drinking it. I’ve never understood buying drinks in order not to drink them, it’s like art collectors putting their paintings into storage.

Of more interest is Walking With The Wounded, which will get the proceeds from the sale. This aims to re-skill and re-train injured people from the armed services with particular attention to the physical and mental damage they’ll have suffered. Whatever your political standpoint on the various conflicts in which they’ve been injured, the individual servicepersons were out there in conflict zones representing our country and I hope people will want to support their successful reintegration; click here for the website to find out more and – if you’re not going to be spending tens of thousands on a dram this weekend – donate if you can.


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