The eyes have it

As regular readers will know, I’m not averse to a bit of moisturiser here and there. In fact when you reach your mid-forties, a good routine in which you wash your face properly with a soap-free cleanser before shaving (soap can in fact clog the pores) then moisturise afterwards makes a definite difference.

I’ve been less impressed by eye creams. Not that I don’t think they do much, I’m sure they do – I just haven’t seen the necessity. So when SkinMedica sent me a sample of its Biometa Eye Repair product I was a little cautious.

First we’ll get the rant out of the way – could we all stop calling this stuff “repair”? The fact that I’m no longer 21 years old doesn’t mean I’m damaged. As Dame Joan Bakewell said in an article recently, looks don’t “fade” as you age, they change. A bit of relief from a bit of increased dryness would be good of course, and restoration of a little suppleness in the skin is always welcome, but please don’t tell me it’s a repair – there’s no actual damage. End of rant.

So, the cream comes in a nicely designed, expensive looking box and tub. It’s aiming to look good in your bathroom and for an eyewatering (no pun intended) £89 a pop it had better. The cream itself goes on pleasantly enough and works, like most of them, by plumping up your skin a bit so the wrinkles are a bit less noticeable. It’s unisex but I’d be surprised if they didn’t get a whole bucket more female sales than male.

The manufacturer says the cream improves and restores elasticity in the skin, boosts the skin’s regenerative qualities, boosts natural collagen production, moisturises and attacks the pigments that make you look like a panda. OK, the last bit is my phrasing. I’m no scientist and would recommend you do your own research before accepting any specific claims about what a product like this does and how. It certainly helped a bit with moisturising the area under my eyes.

My wife has also been using it and finds it’s pretty good. She pays particular attention to her eyelids and I never have, so perhaps it’s no great surprise that I haven’t seen a huge difference – she’d be happy to buy it again and tells me the price is about average for this sort of item. It does reduce dark circles under the eyes if you have them. Mine are certainly there, I’m approaching my late forties for goodness’ sake – but not badly so, which is why I’m not in much of a position to say just how well it copes with that. I’d welcome comments.

So if you’re into your eye creams this should certainly be on your list of ones to try. If you’re not, and if my experience is anything to go by, then this isn’t going to convert you.


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