Christmas gifts 8: Casual clothes

‘Twas the last-but-one Saturday before Christmas…and the Times has unbelievably cut the men’s style page in the magazine. One page. No wonder we’re a scruffy lot. No matter, I’ve covered cufflinks, designed ties – so here are some thoughts on casual clothes which make good gifts for the big day next weekend.

Tops are always useful and although white tees look good on most men they can get a bit dull. Hot Tuna from Australia has some nice designs around which liven it up a bit; the logo will be a bit much for some but it’s single-colour and not garish on this tee (£27.99 so it’s a treat rather than an impulse buy) and the detailing on the top buttons tones in well. Also available in black. Pricey but a great gift. Click the pictures on this page for a better view.

It would go well with a pair of Wizard Jeans. Pictured are the Brad Black version which looked pretty good on me; reassuringly unlike many of the designer brands around they go up to a 44in waist (mine aren’t that big, in case anyone needs to know). So often if you don’t have a supermodel build the designers don’t want to know. A 34in leg is standard, you’ll need to get them altered to fit – I have mine done locally for a tenner. They’re well cut enough to wear with a shirt and jacket in smart casual settings.

To top the look I’d be wearing a Field Jacket from Fat Face. I’m getting one for Christmas – I know, my wife made me try it on just in case – and it looks great. Plus brown Chelsea Boots from the same store, he hinted in case Mum’s reading.

But really, Times Magazine – ignoring menswear 8 days from Christmas..?


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