Congrats on Movember

Just an extra quick entry today – I’ve just had a press release saying Movember, the now-annual event in which blokes grow their whiskers for awareness of male specific cancers, has had its best year ever. Worldwide it raised £70m and the UK contributed £17m. Huge, huge congratulations to everyone.

My barber at the Valet, meanwhile, was bewildered by the amount of people who were growing moustaches for Movember. She understood the concept but a whole load of them told her they weren’t actually collecting for charity, just growing the moustache for the month “to take part”. She didn’t understand that.

Actually nor do I. If you did it and contributed anything at all to that £70m you’re brilliant, is what you are. If you just grew a moustache then, er, you just grew a moustache. Next year try getting sponsored – a few extra quid each and who knows, £75m worldwide..?


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