Competition: worst Christmas records, one day to go!

Flickr: Ethan Hein

OK guys, tomorrow at about 11.00 I’ll start considering which of the Christmas records nominated for my competition (click this link for details) are actually the worst.

It’s simple, you name your least favourite and most irritating Christmas song and I send the winner in my own unqualified opinion a copy of “Thoroughly Decent Manners for Men” published by Debretts and the Wadworth Brewery. My thanks again to Wadworth for donating it – if you don’t win you can get it for £12.50 on their website. There’s a consolation prize of a bottle of Pitrok Crystal men’s deodorant. I’m running this blog as a private individual, by the way, so whereas I hope the prizes will get to you before Christmas I can’t promise.

Just add your pet Christmas irritation as a comment here or if Blogger is a struggle then Tweet it to me as GuyClapperton, mail it to and I’ll put it in the comments myself.

The gruesome nominations so far are as follows – in no particular order:

Have a Cheeky Christmas – Cheeky Girls
Last Christmas – The Only Way is Essex
Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard
The Frog Chorus – Paul McCartney
Stop the Cavalry – Jonah Lewie
Fairytale of New York – Ronan Keating and Moya Brennan version
Grandma We Love You – St. Winnifred’s Choir
I’m Sending a Letter to Santa Claus to Bring Daddy Safely Home to Me – Gracie Fields

I’m sure there must be more – over to you! Oh, and feel free to comment on other people’s nominations: I mean, Jonah Lewie? A bad record, really..?


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