Win a suit a month

No, I’m not running a competition – but Metro is. Just go to the Metro website by clicking here and then find the link that says “win”.

One entrant is going to get a tailored suit every month from A Suit That Fits (usual routine, that’s a sponsored link for which I get loyalty points when people click through for the first time, there’s no commitment from you). I have a few of these and they look fine. Recently they’ve been pushing the cotton jacket on the left; my guess is that it will crease up dreadfully very quickly although if I had a new suit every month I’d probably get one for the hell of it.

I have to admit that although the prize is generous – if the average cost of a suit from them is £350 that’s around £4225 worth of prize if you add in the £25 fitting appointment, which I’m sure will also be free – but even if I won, would I really have a use for 12 tailored suits in my wardrobe?

Let me rephrase that. If I won I’m sure I’d find a use for that many suits. Dinner suit, cotton suit for fun, I haven’t got a brown suit or anything in tweed – it becomes pretty easy when you’re not paying.

I just wouldn’t have room to store them, is all. I’m getting another suit, though – following the interview a couple of months back with King and Allen in the summer suits entry I thought I’d take him at his word and buy a pale grey one.

It’s more expensive than A Suit That Fits – but I’m getting an additional fitting as standard next week. I’ll let you know how I get on.

* As I was writing this entry news came in that ASTF had won the Multichannel Integration of the Year at The BT Retail Week Technology Awards last night. Not sure how much this sort of thing matters to people actually buying the suits, but congrats all round.


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