Lacoste puts a new scent out

Lacoste, primarily known for its sports shirts, has put three new fragrances out there under the “Eau de Lacoste” banner. Pulling off the same trick as Polo, there are three editions with different coloured bottles. The marketing says they’ve recreated the classic polo shirt with the scents; I couldn’t disagree more, the bottles are far too small to wear and made of glass.

OK, that’s probably a bit literal.

The one they sent me was “Bleu”, which is the refreshing aquatic version of the range. There’s peppermint, fern and a bit of sage in there.

It’s pleasant enough and available in smaller than usual quantities – 30ml for £25 is a fair price for someone like me who never gets to the end of a bottle of cologne without getting bored with it.

It might, though, be better for a younger person; there were a lot of scents like this with very floral overtones some 20 years ago; those of us who remember them from the first time around (and who look old enough) might end up looking a bit mid-life-crisis-ish as if we’re trying to recapture our youth if we indulge it too much.

P. S. It’s also a good one for wearing very sparingly. I tried it out with two or three squirts, and although it would be an exaggeration to say my wife almost threw herself out of the window it was so overpowering, for a moment I thought she came close. One quick squirt will be ample and will last you for ages.


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