New range of body products from Organic Blue

Men tend not to buy a lot of body products as such. Most of us understand the value of soap and deodorants and that’s a step up from our predecessors who were in their forties in 1971.

Things have changed and I’ve been sent a couple of samples from a range by Organic Blue. I didn’t think it was promising; people who’ve had a look at the aftershaves I normally cover in here will be aware that I have a bit of a taste for the “ouch that costs a lot” school of products. This £7.99 (price on Amazon) body lotion is one of the costliest items in the range. I also tried the shower gel.

The gel, which washes hair and body alike, is pleasant enough. There’s a citrussy lemongrass scent which is refreshing first thing in the morning and like all shower gels it got me clean.

I’m not usually a body lotion person but I dutifully put some on. Again the same rush of lemongrass, but the revelation was later in the day. After putting this on my feet some of my dry skin started to clear up (sorry for the mental image, you will read middle aged blokes’ style blogs). This was with only one application. I’ve used it a few times since and without boring or repulsing you with details I’m more comfortable moving about in the heat, when I didn’t think I was suffering particularly before.

Maybe all body lotions do this for you, although I did try one once before from the considerably-costlier Molton Brown and it didn’t suit me quite as well nor smell as refreshing. You get quite a big bottle for your money; I shall certainly be replacing it when it eventually runs out.

I was so taken with it that I asked the PR whether there was a matching cologne. Apparently she’s been urging them to do something like that for ages and I can’t say I blame her. Until they do, the (pricey) Hermes Orange Vert is a reasonable match.


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