Watching the watches for Japan

Evening all – only time for a quick post today, but when the Watch Shop told me it was selling the pictured Casio model for £30 and donating £15 from every sale to Japan, I thought it only right to draw attention to it.

There’s a ladies’ sports watch for £20 here, and the same 50/50 split between the company and Japan applies. There will be new packaging on both of the watches to reflect the charitable nature of the purchase.

The public relations firm promoting the idea tells me that donations will go straight to the Red Cross in order to ensure they get exactly where they’re needed rather than through one of the newer organisations striving to help Japan at the moment. Manufacturer Casio is of course headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, where it’s all been happening. Personally this isn’t something I’d be buying as the watch isn’t to my tastes; if you feel the same but are a bit inspired by Watch Shop’s action and want to donate, here’s a direct link to the Red Cross one-off donations page.

Don’t feel restricted to fifteen quid if you can afford more – and do click the “Gift Aid” box so that your donation will increase without costing you extra.


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