Valentines 3: Men Are Useless

One of the more convenient services I’ve come across if you’re interested in grooming products at all is this new website, Menareuseless. Basically you subscribe to toiletries and get a monthly drop of stuff in a letterbox-sized box, so there’s no picking up at the Post Office.

There are two levels and the box is packed with goodies like shower gel, razors, moisturiser, toothpaste, all that sort of stuff. It’s a monthly drop and they choose the toiletries.

It’s based on research that says 78% of blokes admit to stealing their partner’s toiletries with shampoo being one of the most commonly nicked from partners. 7% of men said they’d run out of toiletries and washed using washing up liquid once.

If you’re in that category this is a great service. The site needs a little updating as the £9.99 a month option seems to have vanished but £12.99 isn’t exorbitant. My box included the King of Shaves balm, a King of Shaves razor, the body wash pictured in the selection above, a spare cartridge for the razor and a few other bits. It’s middle market/supermarket product rather than anything too designery.

I’m not wild about King of Shaves razors, I’m a Gilette man myself and that company’s new offering gave me the best home shave I’ve had for ages this morning. I’m a bit fussy and clearly need to go and buy my own stuff, but if you’re really strapped for time and don’t mind someone else choosing your brands (concierge shopping they call it; economies of scale I reckon, and no less legit for that) it’s a good option. A few months’ subscription to this would be welcomed on Valentine’s day by many.


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