Pimp my iPad

In the run-up to Christmas one of the things I was looking at was presents for blokes. One thing that didn’t quite make the shortlist this time around but is worth a mention isiPod/iPad skins. The ones I was sent to look at were from Gadget Glamour.

The idea is pretty simple. You peel the skins off their backing and stick them on your Apple treasures.

I’ve tried it with an iPhone 4, which now looks considerably greener than it did. If I just used the phone then I’m sure I’d find it useful as well as decorative because I’d be able to spot mine easily if it fell out of my pocket or something, or if there were any chance of it getting mixed up with other identical models.

This isn’t all that likely in my case, what with working mostly alone and using a case anyway to get over the dreaded death grip. But coupled with matching wallpaper (supplied by the company) it’ll work well enough and could be a fun thing for the gadget-obsessed partner of your dreams for Valentine’s Day – and goodness knows we’re going to need something cheap this year…


One thought on “Pimp my iPad

  1. I recommend Gelaskins btw, you can get them from some uk vendors i ordered some for a friend's laptop and for my partners iphone from urban retro (now http://www.candypulse.com/ ) and direct from http://www.gelaskins.com/ and they are brilliant looking. Some gorgeous designs and they look amazing in the flesh.

    My friend ordered from them direct and they sent a slightly misprinted skin, so they just sent him the corrected one straight away, no messing about, no having to return the old one.


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