Gloves and iPads

I’ve been sent these gloves from Firebox, the Isotoner SmarTouch gloves. Firebox wants them back as they’re review samples and, snow allowing, I’m expecting a courier to pick them up tomorrow.

Oh, and I’ve ordered a pair for myself immediately. They’re only just under £15 and they’re brilliant.

They look, as you’ll see from the picture, like an ordinary pair of wool gloves. They fit perfectly, one of these one-size-fits-all jobbies, look, it couldn’t be more straightforward if it tried, they’re wool gloves and they fit like a glove. You’ll notice, though, that the thumb and forefinger has a little design on it.

This is slightly more than a design. It has a little texture on it – nothing you’d really notice unless you were looking for it but – clever bit coming – enough to allow you to use a touch screen without taking your glove off.

So that’s your Android phone, your iPad, your iPhone, all usable when it’s flaming freezing like it is now by using something that doesn’t have “I’m a geeky gadget” written all over it.

As I say, brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Gloves and iPads

  1. Firebox – either go to or click on the affiliate banner on the right of this comment (I should declare an interest, I get a small % of anything anyone spends clicking through that link).


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